Counsel to Britain

How to stay independent and close to the United States at the same time.

Conrad Black

Going Critical

Long before the American Empire becomes overstretched abroad, it will implode economically at home.

Niall FergusonLaurence J. Kotlikoff

Europe Challenged

Will the European Union become a peer competitor to the United States? Not likely, thinks Professor Tucker, unless U.S. policy produces self-diminishment by isolating America from others. But well it might.

Robert W. Tucker

Croesus and Caesar

Those who would compare U.S. and European power by focusing on military capabilities misread history and miss the essence of NATO's genius--and future prospects.

Richard Rosecrance

Continental Divides

It took awhile--more than a dozen years, in point of fact--but the natural tendency in international politics for states to balance against the power of a hegemon has emerged. In western Europe, of all places.

Josef Joffe

An Empire, If You Can Keep It

An empire is functionally distinct from a mere great power. If the United States adopts an imperial vocation, it will need to learn new ways to manage its national security challenges.

Stephen Rosen