Close-Up on Clinton

If elected president, would Hillary Clinton be more concerned with the long-term interests of the United States or the way the political winds were blowing?

Ike's Granddaughter Speaks

Prominent foreign-policy expert Susan Eisenhower expands on her editorial in the Washington Post about why she supports Obama, what's wrong with the Republican Party and what we can learn from her grandfather.

The End of Multiculturalism

From its Iraq policy to immigration, the Bush Administration fell victim to multicultural thinking. Until policymakers take culture seriously, we'll continue to make mistakes.

Lawrence E. Harrison

Calamity over Kosovo?

At a Council on Foreign Relations event on Friday, Daniel Serwer, Charles Kupchan, Janusz Bugajski and Dimitri Simes discussed the ongoing international standoff over Kosovo. Should Washington support independence?

The Long Road to Damascus

As the November 26 Middle East conference draws near, some are suggesting that a deal with Syria will lead to significant progress in the region. But Damascus may not be willing or able to help.

Torture is Not a Republican Value

Contrary to what many have said, supporting torture is not part of being a conservative. If continued, White House policies that tolerate it will undermine U.S. credibility, produce bad intelligence and put American soldiers at risk.