Say Yes to a Balance of Power in Asia

New alliances won't lead to another World War I.

Korean and Japanese Legislators Working Together

Despite often tense relations, legislative exchanges have occured between the two for decades. Deepening that aspect of the relationship could be constructive.

Defending Japan and the Philippines Is Not Entrapment

The United States has a strong interest in standing with its allies against Chinese expansionism.

Let Asia Go Nuclear

America has pushed its allies to refrain from developing nuclear weapons. Counterintuitively, that's making nuclear deterrence less reliable.

Japan and Korea: Friends at Sea

Relations on land are tough. But cooperating against piracy far away is one way to move forward.

How to Calm Asia's History Wars

Tales from World War II are tearing East Asia apart. 

Reassuring Jittery Asian Allies

Keeping America credible and friends in line in the Far East.

Say No to a Balance of Power in Asia

Alliances and counteralliances that might make war with China more likely.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Geopolitics, Not Growth

The immediate economic benefits of the big trade deal are limited for the US. It's an investment, not a payout.

Japan and Korea: Opportunities for Cooperation

Korean politicians find open relations with Japan very risky, but there are still ways to improve this necessary relationship.

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April 18, 2014