South Asia

Say Yes to a Balance of Power in Asia

New alliances won't lead to another World War I.

Reassuring Jittery Asian Allies

Keeping America credible and friends in line in the Far East.

India and Pakistan Under Modi

A BJP government may have trouble managing tensions with its nettlesome neighbor.

Say No to a Balance of Power in Asia

Alliances and counteralliances that might make war with China more likely.

The Fledgling Erdogan on the Indus

Pakistan's prime minister Nawaz Sharif is pulling pages from a Turkish playbook.

India and Japan Draw Closer: Risks and Rewards

Some elements of their cooperation could work against American goals.

India and China: The End of Cold Peace?

China's pushiness could turn a quiet rivalry hostile.

Who Will Be the Next China?

With China's role in global growth likely to slacken, the world may need a new champion.

Time for a New U.S. Policy in Bangladesh

A country with much to offer is in the throes of a serious crisis. How will Washington react?

A Fine Balance: India, Japan and the United States

A triangular relationship that could define the century. 

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April 19, 2014