Western Europe

Be Prepared for an Independent Scotland

It wouldn't be disastrous, but Washington needs a plan.

Why the Ukraine Crisis Won't Save NATO

The tensions within the alliance are too deep for a little Russian pushiness to erase.

Lord Salisbury's Lessons for Great Powers

A master class in focused stewardship of national power that's greatly relevant to America in Ukraine.

Open Borders and the Old Lady of Nyon

Switzerland's immigration referendum and a tension at the heart of the European project.

The Mendacity of Tony Blair

The latest blot on the former prime minister's reputation.

Good Relationships Aren't Always Good

Getting results matters more than personal comity.

The End of Freedom Fries

France and the United States are moving toward deeper defense cooperation.

The EU at War: CAR Mission Highlights Internal Tensions

They're supposed to work together. So why do they leave so much to France?

China Can Make Nuclear Power Work

The economic fundamentals and the political will that let France go nuclear back in the day now exist in China.

ECB Struggles Mirror EU Power Shifts

Germany has grown more important—and publics have been more attuned to national, not collective, interests.

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April 21, 2014