Energy Without Politics

The solution to Europe’s energy woes isn’t political unification against a Russian threat. Europeans should keep politics out of energy and let markets do their jobs.

No Dog in This Fight

Washington should learn from Ukraine's internal political turmoil that it should stop trying to pick sides in unpredictable political systems.

Russia Returns

The war in South Ossetia is a stark reminder that the United States cannot accomplish its goals in Eastern Europe and the Balkans without Russian help. The next president will have to work hard to repair relations.

European Disunion

Why Europe will watch as America and China dominate the next century. Ireland’s failure to ratify a new European-integration treaty highlights the disconnect between the EU’s superpower ambitions and popular opinion.

Energy Imbroglio

A dispute between Russian shareholders and BP is paralyzing a joint energy venture in Russia. Thursday at the Nixon Center, TNK-BP Vice Chairman Lord George Robertson gave his perspective.

Rule, Britannia?

Walter Rusell Mead glosses over British history in God and Gold; Brendan Simms paints a clearer picture in Three Victories and a Defeat.