Middle East

Fear and Loathing in Tehran

By meddling in Iran’s internal affairs, the United States has inflamed Iranian fears and made a muddle of U.S. policy.

Suzanne Maloney

Appetite for Construction

Nation-building always looks so easy on paper. Time to let reality be a harsh teacher.

Morton AbramowitzHeather Hurlburt

Voices in the Wilderness

Notwithstanding the book's shortcomings, Mearsheimer and Walt do perform an important service in pointing out how difficult it is to produce pragmatic decisions based on national interest.

Stifling the Debate?

Perhaps the most important argument made by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt in their new book concerns the impact of the lobby on the political discourse in the United States.

The Israel Challenge?

Speaking at the Nixon Center, Israeli Ambassador Sallai Meridor analyzed Israel’s current political and economic orientation in the broader Middle East.