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International trade

Grassroots Economics

The IMF has become little more than an abettor of bad policymaking. To avoid the next meltdown, the IMF must become a global advocacy group. Diplospeak is out; punchy prose and clear policy recommendations are in.

Death Cometh for the Greenback

America’s debt is ballooning. Runaway inflation threatens our creditors. Faith in the almighty dollar is wavering. Soon a global reserve, complete with its own currency, will land the final blow against the dollar. But contrary to popular opinion,

Manchurian Paradox

The America-China symbiosis cannot be overstated. Beijing’s willingness to buy U.S. debt allowed us to live on credit, while our purchase of Chinese goods propelled their meteoric rise. But as the financial markets have soured, some in the United

The Free Trade Debate

Joseph Stiglitz and Gary Hufbauer

The Fair Play Debate: Fair Trade

The odds are against developing countries when it comes to trade. Social safeguards level the playing field.

The Fair Play Debate: Free Trade

Rhetoric aside, free trade can benefit everyone—if only countries were a little more open to the rules of the game.


Benched: The Slow Erosion of Sanctions

A string of recent European court rulings threatens to weaken an essential tool in fighting terrorism, crime and proliferation.

America's Inadequate ASEAN Approach

U.S. officials are visiting Southeast Asia more, but they aren't asking enough.

The Kremlin's Collapsing Eurasian Sandcastle

Russia's proposed Eurasian Union is unrealistic and bad for its own interests.

Books & Reviews

Facing Down Iran

Everyone agrees that Iran is a threat. What makes Ilan Berman stand out?

Preventing the Unthinkable

Graham Allison paints a frightful picture of nuclear terrorism. But all is not yet lost.

Resisting the Charms of War

Andrew J. Bacevich laments American militarism.

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April 19, 2014