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Xenophobia on the Continent

Anti-Semitism is on the march in Europe. But the European’s new turn toward isolationism goes even further than that.

Levantine Labyrinths

Sectarian infighting and foreign intervention breed intrigue on the Lebanese political scene. Last summer’s war had a devastating effect—but factional power politics and Hizballah’s rising popularity threaten to make matters worse.

The Middle East Waiting Game

Many in the Islamic world experience their own internal class of civilizations.

Her Majesty's Secret Service

7/7 tested how the British cope with Islamist terrorism. Were they found wanting?

Blending Democracy

The political soil of the Middle East has not been tilled by the Western Enlightenment. Growing democracy there must take this into account.

The Old-New Anti-Semitism

The "new" anti-Semitism of the Arab and Muslim worlds bears much resemblance to the "old" anti-Semitism of Europe. As the latter became a warrant for genocide, it would be foolish to underestimate the lethality of the former.


An Israeli Weighs in on the Flotilla

A number of recent events have triggered an awful lot of hypocrisy toward Israel.

NATO & Israel

The flotilla raid could cause our relations with Ankara to implode—and severely harm the transatlantic alliance.

The Gaza Disaster

Israel attacked a ship of fools and ended up looking like the foolish one.


Stepping Gingerly Through the Turmoil in Egypt

Egypt's tensions are boiling over. The U.S. must tread lightly.

Religion and Democracy in the Ivory Coast

Champions of Gbagbo are more concerned with his Christianity than his corrupt politics. Religious discrimination is alive and well, and it's not doing America any favors abroad.

Muslims Praying in the Pentagon. Who Knew?

Is the controversy surrounding the Cordoba House about 9/11 or about our perceptions of Islam?

Books & Reviews

Flawed but Still Important

Mearsheimer and Walt should have included more field work in their research. Yet their book still deserves to be read and discussed.

A Nation under Guilt

Two recent histories of Nazi Germany shore up the dyke against the rising flood of "Germany as victim" revisionism.

The Real Synthesis

A "new history" of the Third Reich fails to understand the true nature of the regime.

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April 18, 2014