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North Korea

The Perilous Case of Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il is dying. Sons, generals and statesmen vie for his throne. With Pyongyang's impressive arsenal of chemical-, biological- and nuclear-weapons programs, the Fall of the House of Kim could end in a peninsular war or worse.

Hope Over Experience

Mitchell Reiss’ analysis of the six-party talks’ potential to bolster American and northeast Asian security are pertinent amidst reports of some progress with

Ahead of the Curve: The TNI Archives

Six-party talks over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program are set to resume this Thursday on the heels of failed talks in December and Kim Jong-il’s provocative nuclear test in October. TNI takes a look back at other crucial junctures in A

A New Forum for Peace

A proposal for transforming the six-party talks on North Korea into a security system for northeast Asia.

The Freedom Crusade, Revisited

Leslie H. Gelb, Daniel Pipes, Robert W. Merry and Joseph S. Nye offer their reactions to Robert W. Tucker and David Hendrickson on the Bush Doctrine.

Seoul Searching


North Korea's Chemical Shop of Horrors

And you thought Syria was scary.

How China Reads North Korea

Beijing thinks the time is right for fresh diplomacy.

Syria and North Korea: A Real Axis of Evil

Pyongyang's history with the Assad regime isn't getting enough attention.


Letting Go of North Korea

Washington should step back and drop the issue in the laps of North Korea's neighbors.

North Korea and Benign Neglect

Few people outside—and probably even inside—North Korea’s capital have any idea what's going on there. Is it time to let the Koreans work things out for themselves?

Books & Reviews

Lifting the Veil on North Korea

Is North Korea an irrational state or a survivor against all odds?

Night and Fog

Alan Furst recreates the atmosphere of Europe's second Dark Ages (1933-45) as few others have. Today, Western civilization is again under attack, and Furst can teach us a great deal.

A Champion for the Bourgeoisie

A fictional 19th-century detective disdains Russia's intelligentsia and preaches a bourgeois sermon on virtue and responsible citizenship to Russia's nascent middle class.

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April 16, 2014