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Spengler's Ominous Prophecy

An interbellum German intellectual's work is a powerful warning to Americans about the perils of our interventionist foreign-policy trajectory.

Castro and the Caudillo

Francoism in Spain did not survive its namesake. Cuba’s brand of communism is likely to suffer a similar fate.

Il Caso Silone

Leftist intellectual, communist apostate and fascist spy? Shoddy scholarship has obscured the legacy of Ignazio Silone, the political lightning rod of 20th-century Italian literati.

Totalitarianism: Have We Seen the Last of It?

Was totalitarianism an aberration of mid-century now safely behind us, or has it merely changed its stripes?

Power Failure: American Policy in the Caspian

Whereas in Central Europe Washington barely acknowledges Russian sensibilities, in Central Asia and the Caucasus it indulges them to excess.

Is Asia's High Growth Era Over?

Since the mid-1980s, Western academics and policymakers have regardedthe "tiger" economies of East Asia as an interesting intellectuallaboratory for debating theories about the causes of economic growth.


Isolating Iran

America needs all the help it can get on Iran—which means making up with Brazil and Turkey.

Books & Reviews

Return of the "Commie-Nazis"

Fascism did not die with Hitler and Mussolini in World War II. As recent events show, understanding what fascism means in the 21st century is a lesson worth learning. 

The Real Synthesis

A "new history" of the Third Reich fails to understand the true nature of the regime.

The Great Doomsayer: Oswald Spengler Reconsidered

Today, looking back, The Decline of the West can be seen to stand at the gate whereby entered such pervasive intellectual fashions as postmodernist relativism, multiculturalism, and hostile suspicion of dead white European males.

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April 24, 2014