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The Myth of a Moderate Obama

The president is no pragmatic centrist. In fact, he has the most expansive and leftist vision in the history of the presidency.

Leading Blindly across a Minefield

The international system is at a transformative moment. Yet President Obama has failed to set a direction for America.

Getting Latin America Right

Obama has an opportunity to revitalize U.S. relations with its neighbors to the south.


Omens of a Hollow Military

The warning signs to watch out for that sequestration has taken its toll.

Where's Congress on Syria?

That’s the question that should haunt the American people as debate over Syria rages.

Clapper's Bodyguard of Lies

Clumsy Congressional questioning squeezed the Director of National Intelligence into a dangerous corner.

Books & Reviews

Roosevelt and His Diplomatic Pawns

FDR masterfully maneuvered the United States into the Second World War without appearing to do so. His corps of envoys and advisers did little to shape the agenda of a strategic and political mastermind.

The McChrystal Way of War

The general was an innovative thinker in the midst of major changes in the Army.

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April 24, 2014