On Leadership

U.S. global leadership depends on policymakers who can make the hard decisions. The Sino-American relationship will be the test.

Maurice R. Greenberg

Prone to Violence

Democracy comes to bring not peace but the sword.

Edward D. MansfieldJack Snyder

Arming Europe

What does consolidation of Europe's defense industry hold for transatlantic cooperation?

Seth G. JonesStephen Larrabee


Too often, the Beltway conventional wisdom emerges without careful scrutiny, before the hard questions have been asked.

Christopher A. PrebleJustin LoganTad Daley

Whither Kazakhstan?

The Specter of a "Colored Revolution"Kazakhstan's scheduled December 4, 2005 presidential election brings two major questions into focus for this Central Asian state.

Fiona Hill

Why Anglos Lead

It's no accident of history that Anglo societies dominate the world order.

Lawrence Mead

Thinking Seriously

America's first energy secretary says we're running out of oil. It is a warning worth heeding.

James Schlesinger