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Libertarians to Christie: Bring It On

Rand Paul's defenders feel they have a strong hand against more traditional Republicans.

America as Detroit

The nation has its own unfunded liability problem.

Obama's Libya Failure

The president's actions to depose Qaddafi may or may not have helped Libyans. They certainly didn't help Americans.


American Interest, American Blood

The price America pays in blood for its overseas initiatives rarely gets mentioned in political debates surrounding such policies, but it deserves more attention.

Mitt Romney's Neocon Puzzle

The GOP candidate both faces a puzzle and represents one. The puzzle he faces concerns the domestic political forces driving his party’s foreign-policy outlook. Meanwhile, his own foreign-policy views are equally difficult to decipher.

The Elusive Obama Doctrine

The president gets solid marks for his handling of a host of tactical challenges. But his Afghan policy proved disjointed, he lacks a clear strategic framework and he has failed to put U.S. economic power at the core of his foreign policy.

Interview: U.S. Fate Is in U.S. Hands

Zbigniew Brzezinski, a leading foreign-policy expert, discussed with TNI his recent book and his views on America’s world posture. He speculates on U.S. decline, the 2012 presidential campaign and more.

Morality Play Instead of Policy

International trends have become less favorable to the United States. This national vacation from serious foreign-policy analysis in the political arena is both ill timed and dangerous.

The Salafi Awakening

In the wake of Egypt’s revolution and subsequent elections, Westerners have focused on the Muslim Brotherhood. But the Egyptian Salafis, more fundamentalist than the Brotherhood, bear watching as well.


Should Gorbachev Be Tried For Treason?

He deserves a chance to prove his innocence on neutral ground, and he'd love the publicity.

Was Yasser Arafat Poisoned?

More details come out on the polonium investigation.

Who Are the New Young Conservatives?

A new generation of conservative intellectuals could revive the GOP—if they aren't run out of town.

Books & Reviews

The Great White House Rating Game

Robert Merry’s new book explores the academic impulse to assess the presidents—but with a twist. He melds contemporaneous judgments of the electorate with academic polls to yield an engaging history.

The Critique of Pure Kagan

Robert Kagan has issued a cri de coeur urging Americans to reject calls for reduced U.S. military spending, curtailments in the country’s global commitments and restraint on its interventionist impulses. But his prescriptions are shortsighted.

The Hagiography of Mr. Holbrooke

Richard “The Bulldozer” Holbrooke left a deep mark on U.S. foreign policy. Yet this collection of essays by his friends and admirers, which gushes with praise, leaves out significant elements of the story.

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April 17, 2014