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Civil Society


The Arabs' 1848

Europe's century of upheaval—and the revolutions in the middle of them—offer insights into the post–Arab Spring world.

The Gulf's Achilles Heel

Obama urgently needs to push the Saudis to support serious reform in Bahrain.

Generation Alienation and the Libertarians

Some libertarians are gloating as millennials abandon traditional social institutions. That's a mistake.


Inglorious Revolutions

Revolutions rarely produce stable democracies and human rights overnight—and it's foolish to expect otherwise.

When Camelot Went to Japan

RFK's public-diplomacy trip turned the relationship around.

The U.S. Democracy Project

American NGOs that push for democratic change abroad are facing growing resistance.

Evangelists of Democracy

Radicals of the democracy-promotion movement embody the very thing they are fighting against—a closed-minded conviction that they represent the one true path for all societies and thus possess a monopoly on social, ethical and political truth.

The Salafi Awakening

In the wake of Egypt’s revolution and subsequent elections, Westerners have focused on the Muslim Brotherhood. But the Egyptian Salafis, more fundamentalist than the Brotherhood, bear watching as well.

Israel's New Politics and the Fate of Palestine

Geography and demography now trump democracy in Israel. The country pays lip service to the two-state solution while steadily appropriating the land it wants in the occupied territories.


A Scholars' Boycott of Israel

Was the American Studies Association right to break with Israel?

How to Stimulate Political Change in Iran

Isolation hasn't worked.

From Russia With Love: Snowden Gets Asylum

The administration bungles; Moscow blows raspberries.

Books & Reviews

Pinstripe Warriors

Two recent books explore the enduring dichotomy between diplomats and soldiers and pose questions for the future of effective diplomacy.

Beinart's Quest to Save Zionism

How can an Israeli PM mobilize U.S. politicians against a U.S. president committed to Israeli interests? Beinart's provocative answer: U.S. Jewish leaders commandeered Jewish organizations and turned them into agencies for Likud interests.

Death by Irrelevance

Rockefeller, Lindsay, Scranton—just three of the “moderates” who failed to keep the GOP from the clutches of Goldwater and Nixon. Geoffrey Kabaservice laments their defeat with a wistfulness that obscures from him their true frustration.

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April 20, 2014