By Robert W. Merry

Washington is oblivious.

Struggling presidents tend to poison their parties' presidential prospects.

In the past, waves of mass dissatisfaction have often sparked major political realignments. Is it about to happen again?

A master class in focused stewardship of national power that's greatly relevant to America in Ukraine.

"Ukraine was fated by geography and history—perhaps tragically—to be at the epicenter of any tensions between Russia and the West."

Failing to play a dominant role in the Far East wouldn't just be foolish. It would change who we are.

He said he'd break through old partisan barriers. When he didn't, he blamed his opponents. He should have blamed himself.

Why Russia succeeds and we fail.

The discussion is now broader than at any time since 9/11. Where will it lead?

The president shouldn't turn to the 1840s for political ideas.

American liberals have a potential new hero in Bill de Blasio. Can he deliver?

Where does our current President stand?

Few American stories of personal fellowship are as poignant as the Roosevelt-Taft friendship—and its brutal disintegration.

Developments that will shape the next year.

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April 18, 2014