The Skeptics

Military Adventures That Weren’t

Micah Zenko has a good time on Foreign Policy’s website mocking the crazy, unimplemented, ideas U.S. civilians have had for military adventures in the last half century.

He doesn’t do much to discuss why the suggestions were dumb, unfortunately, but it’s worth reading both for amusement and in the spirit of knowing people’s track record.

United States to Iran: “Step Aside, Please”

Those pesky Iranians are at it again:

Iran confirmed on Tuesday it was helping with the reconstruction of Afghanistan, even though it had originally denied reports it had given "bags of money" to its war-devastated neighbor.

On Monday, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said the country had received money from several "friendly countries" and specifically named the United States and Washington's diplomatic adversary, Iran, describing the money as a "transparent" form of aid.

“Socialism,” Republican Style

There’s been a lot of talk on the right in recent months about President Obama’s “socialist” policies. While much of that talk seems overheated, so does the furious pushback from the left. Would President Obama’s domestic policies really be so out of step in what in Europe would be called a “Social Democratic” party? I don’t think so.

Letting Go of North Korea

North Korea is a nuclear power. The United States should get used to it.

Nonproliferation is a sensible objective. But Washington’s drive to prevent the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea from acquiring nuclear weapons is dead. The North will remain a nuclear power irrespective of who ends up on top in the ongoing transition of power in Pyongyang.