Alexey Pushkov


Alexey K. Pushkov is director of the Institute of Contemporary International Studies (ICIS) at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry. He is also author and anchor of a popular political TV-show Postscript. Formerly a speechwriter of Michael Gorbachev, he had a career in diplomacy and mass-media. He is also professor of diplomacy and international relations at the Moscow Institute of International Relations. He is a member of The National Interest's advisory council.

Recent Posts

Russian Roulette

American commentators think they know what is best for Russia, looking to the “democratic” days of Yeltsin. But they’re really just taking a gamble.

Missed Connections

Americans think Russia is headed in the wrong direction, but perhaps they should hold the mirror up to themselves when assigning blame for the new chill in U.S.-Russia relations.

Alexey Pushkov

Broken Promises

The recent effort by the Bush Administration to better explain U.S. policies in Eastern Europe will have no impact unless Washington is prepared to listen to Russian concerns and act accordingly.

Odom's Russia: A Forum

Seven seasoned observers react to William Odom's interpretation of post-Soviet Russian reality, and Odom replies.

Martin MaliaJack Matlock, Jr.Jerry HoughGeoffrey HoskingAlexey PushkovRobert LegvoldHenry TrofimenkoWilliam E. Odom

Don't Isolate Us: A Russian View of NATO Expansion

There was and is a wide consensus within the Russian political establishment that NATO expansion contradicts basic Russian national interests. The few dissenting voices in the Russian media and academic circles are marginal.

Alexey Pushkov