Benjamin H. Friedman

Benjamin H. Friedman is a research fellow in defense and homeland security studies at the Cato Institute, and blogs for The Skeptics at The National Interest.


The aftermath of the Boston bombings saw more measured opinion than prior attacks.

The White House's proposal to discipline war spending is legislatively doomed and full of holes.

Opponents and supporters of the New START agreement are exaggerating their cases. Actually, the treaty doesn't matter that much.

Our politicians are delirious when it comes to defense spending—we need to rein in expenditures, and the Pentagon’s budget should be on the chopping block.

Blog Posts

Congress should spend less time policing leaks about the president's unilateral exercise of war powers and more time restraining them.

The origins and consequences of the public-elite opinion gap on foreign policy.

Giving undue credit to terrorists such as Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri only furthers their cause.

Assad's fall, like Qaddafi's, is likely to produce extended illiberal chaos or a new set of autocrats. 

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April 17, 2014