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Christopher Layne is professor and Robert M. Gates Chair in National Security at Texas A & M University’s George H. W. Bush School of Government and Public Service. His current book project, to be published by Yale University Press, is After the Fall: International Politics, U.S. Grand Strategy, and the End of the Pax Americana.

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The Global Power Shift from West to East

Pax Americana and the age of Western dominance are fading. Washington can manage this decline, but first it must acknowledge its reality. History moves forward with a crushing force and does not wait for the unprepared.

Christopher Layne

The Contradictions of George Kennan

George Kennan presents a study in paradox. With penetrating scholarship, John Lewis Gaddis explores Kennan’s complex psychology and provides an intellectual history of the Cold War in his comprehensive and wonderfully written biography.

America as European Hegemon

Despite broad acceptance of the view that the United States has been an "offshore balancer" with regard to Europe over the past several decades, the facts don't fit the theory--the facts of the past dozen years most particularly.

Christopher Layne

NATO and Kosovo

The writer accuses Christopher Layne and Benjamin Schwarz of blaming the victims and exonerating the perpetrators in Kosovo.  The authors respond.

Ivo DaalderChristopher LayneBenjamin Schwarz

For the Record

As we contemplate the results of victory in Kosovo, it is time to sort fact from fiction concerning American intervention.

Christopher LayneBenjamin Schwarz