Daniel W. Drezner


Daniel W. Drezner is a professor of international politics at the Fletcher School at Tufts University.

Recent Posts

Whose World Is It Anyway?

Charles Kupchan’s engaging new tome describes a world where global governance is collapsing and nations have only the barest common ground of agreement. But his analysis is marred by unworkable policy prescriptions and a static perspective.

First Bank of the Living Dead

As the Great Recession gnaws at our very belief in the ability of capitalism to raise us to ever-escalating levels of wealth and prosperity, Keynes's no-longer-viable financial prescriptions are being resurrected.

The False Hegemon

Foreigners think our government controls every event in global politics. This could sabotage Obama’s attempts to “reset” our foreign policy.

Loose BRICs

Americans shouldn’t be alarmed by the BRIC summit. The body is just another toothless international grouping, not an attempt to exert hard power.

Dead Elephants

The GOP is intellectually adrift and lacks a foreign-policy strategy. While Democrats may be inclined to gloat, the absence of a serious debate on international affairs is bad for the country.

Backdoor Protectionism

Even though free trade is protected by a number of international organizations, there are still lots of sneaky ways for governments to impose protectionism by stealth.