David Kay


David Kay led the UN inspection after the first Gulf War that uncovered the previously unknown Iraqi nuclear program and, after the most recent Gulf War, led the CIA's Iraq Survey Group that determined that there had been no Iraqi weapons of mass destruction at the time of the war. He is now a private consultant in Washington, DC.

Recent Posts

As the Worm Turns

Who's behind the Stuxnet computer worm attacking Iran's nuclear program? The Israelis? The Russians? The Chinese?

Bombs of August

Obama has become George W. Bush. By asserting that a nuclear Iran is unacceptable and jockying with the Israelis we are being led by the nose into war. The Israelis are using fear on Iran as a bargaining chip over settlements in Palestine.

In the Tunnels of Natanz

The leader of the search for WMD in Iraq says weapons inspections will not stop Iran from going nuclear. The West doesn’t have the capacity or unity to make an effective inspection regime happen.

David Kay

Striking Iran

A former top weapons inspector says Iran is a nuclear-weapons capable state. A military threat must be real.

The Iranian Fallout

As Iran draws frighteningly close to a full-blown nuclear capability, a former weapons inspector gives a hardheaded analysis of Tehran's program.

David Kay