John Lee

John Lee is the Michael Hintze fellow and an adjunct associate professor at the Centre for International Security Studies in Sydney University and a nonresident scholar at the Hudson Institute.


Rising social costs, shrinking labor pools, nonperforming loans, a distorted economy and more—an in-depth look at the huge challenge facing Beijing.

As long as the United States fails to understand what motivates Southeast Asian states, its influence will continue to diminish vis-à-vis China.


Reform attempts in this Southeast Asian nation are undoubtedly flawed. But that does not make them insignificant.

How Burma's pivot away from its longtime economic partner debunks the myth of China's diplomatic prowess.

Tensions ratchet up between Washington and Beijing. What is China hiding?

Obama would do well to recognize the pressure Chinese President Hu Jintao is under in holding his many-headed regime together.

China's deft statesmanship is giving way to ham-fisted provocation.

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April 16, 2014