Red Star over Central Asia

Slowly, steadily and quietly, China gathers influence in the heart of Eurasia.

The Kremlin's Collapsing Eurasian Sandcastle

Russia's proposed Eurasian Union is unrealistic and bad for its own interests.

Will Afghanistan Take Central Asia Down with It?

Worries of a conflagration ignore the region's history.

Challenges of the Eurasian Muslim Diaspora

The problem is broader than the Boston bombers, and must be addressed.

China's Inadvertent Empire

Beijing has quietly strengthened its position economically and diplomatically in Central Asia, perhaps the most pivotal geographic zone on the planet. This development has powerful implications for America and the world.

The Opacity of Central Asia

A region that has always defied predictions is becoming more confusing than ever.

Engaging the Anti-NATO

The SCO is more than just an old autocrat's club. Washington should rethink its stance on the organization.

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April 20, 2014