Afghanistan After America: Ripples in Russia and the Caucasus

The Afghan campaign has become a key feature in Caucasian relations with the West. Its end may have significant effects.

Contrast in the Caucasus

Armenia and Azerbaijan have taken very different paths. So why does Washington lump them together?

Putin Drops In, America Drops Out

Russia is getting closer to Azerbaijan, and the United States is doing nothing.

Kerry, Go Fix Karabakh!

The Azeri-Armenian dispute has growing strategic implications for America thanks to natural gas.

Iran Threatens Azerbaijan

A senior parliamentarian suggests the Caspian republic should be absorbed.

A New Energy Partner for Europe

A new pipeline will increase the EU's energy security.

Tough Year Looms for Azerbaijan

Falling oil revenues, political instability and a tense neighborhood trouble for Baku as elections approach.

Violence Flares on the Georgian-Russian Border

Tragic new episodes testify to the seemingly endless cycle of violence and repression in the North Caucasus.

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April 17, 2014