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All of the Terrifying Ways America and China Could Go To War in the South China Sea

It’s easy to imagine an even more serious confrontation in the SCS.  Another accidental collision would be bad enough, but if a scenario developed similar to that of the downing of KAL 007, with a Chinese fighter jock actually opening fire on an American plane, the situation could get ugly very quickly.  And if an American pilot fired upon a Chinese plane, the reaction of the Chinese public could become too much for Beijing to reasonably handle.

Why the U.S. Military Didn’t Use Nuclear Weapons During the Korean War

Nuclear escalation on the Korean Peninsula would have gone terribly for everyone involved. The United States would have caused dreadful pain to uncertain strategic advantage, potentially pushing the Communist powers to escalate.  The physical and human terrain of Korea would have endured awful suffering. And perhaps most importantly, the world would have lost the nascent nuclear taboo, a sense among policymakers that atomic weapons differed in some meaningful sense from other kinds of explosives, and that their practical use portended something momentous.

How Did Nazi Germany Respond to Allied Air Power?: Lethal Kamikazes

By early 1944, the Luftwaffe was only a shadow of what it had been at the beginning of the war. Adolf Hitler and Reichsmarshal Hermann Göring were determined to retaliate against British cities, especially London, for Allied air attacks against German cities. A few years earlier, they would have ordered a series of massive air raids against London in reprisal. However, combat losses and the switch to fighter production for the defense of the Reich had drained the strength of the Luftwaffe’s once-powerful bomber fleets. Massive air strikes were no longer an option.

The United States Has Military Options to Deal with North Korea

The United States has military options to deal with North Korea and its nuclear arsenal, according to the Pentagon’s top official.

While U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis would not say what might prompt the United States to take military action against Pyongyang, he is adamant that Washington does have the means to eliminate the North Korean threat.