The Anglosphere Illusion

The proponents of an English-speaking union have overlooked several important considerations--not least of which is national interest.

Owen Harries

The Praetorian Guard

The real civilian-military gap is between the U.S. military's excessive influence and common sense.

William Pfaff

China: Getting the Questions Right

The usual questions about the China threat are increasingly unproductive. The authors suggest some new ones of their own.

Richard K. BettsThomas J. Christensen

Jumping to Confusions

The fall of Milosevic does not vindicate U.S. Balkans policy, and the violence in Israel does not prove Oslo was doomed to fail.

Adam Garfinkle

Nasty Little Wars

Ask the Chechen fighters--the future of war is nasty, brutish and anything but short.

Anatol Lieven

The Gap

The directors of an ambitious project on civil-military relations detail their findings and plumb the divide between soldiers and civilians.

Peter D. FeaverRichard H. Kohn