A Tattered Umbrella

Washington shouldn’t give nuclear-security guarantees to Seoul. Instead, it should unleash the threat of widespread proliferation in East Asia to spook China and force it to do something about North Korea.

Nuclear Realities

Let’s be honest: Iran and North Korea are joining the nuclear club. It might be best—and safest—to cut our losses and normalize relations with both countries.

Obama's Israel Gamble

The president’s Cairo speech made nice soundings on Arab-Israeli peace. But if Obama really wants to accomplish something, he needs to get tough on Israeli settlements.

Obama's Speech

The president’s Cairo address confirmed his skill as an orator and encouraged Arabs and Israelis to work toward peace. But the realities of the AfPak conflict will probably ring truer in Muslim ears than Obama’s dulcet tones.

Tortured History

Detainee abuse continues to haunt the Obama White House. Until we learn exactly what happened during the Bush years, it will remain an issue that refuses to go away.