Rothkopf Retorts

In an ongoing debate, author David Rothkopf issues a rebuttal to his critics at PNSR. Rothkopf says the national-security apparatus needs to work on solving

The Pentagon's Papers

The Defense Department is about to conduct its quadrennial policy review. But instead of being a funding wish list, the exercise should force the Pentagon to make hard choices about which programs to keep and which ones to axe.

Triple Threat

Instead of squabbling over trade and deficit issues, America, Japan and China should work together by creating a trilateral forum.

Detention Nation

George W. Bush’s policies toward terror detainees were perhaps some of his most jaw-dropping. Barack Obama came to office promising to change course. So far, he has done little. It remains to be seen whether the president can—or wants to—develop a

Karen J. Greenberg

Sanctum FATA

The United States has allowed the Afghan War to slip from apparent victory to possible defeat. Kabul is no longer the center of battle. The fulcrum has shifted to Pakistan.

Anthony Cordesman

Slouching Toward Jerusalem

The United States has been a surprisingly ineffectual Middle East peacemaker. Clinton’s overenthusiasm and Bush’s lack of interest caused us to lose our credibility with both Israel and Palestine.

Aaron David Miller

The Road to Moscow

Since the end of the cold war, American foreign policy toward Russia has been dismissive of Russian interests. Acknowledging that a country has separate aims does not mean we cannot work toward common goals.

Gary HartDimitri K. Simes

Food Follies

Pakistan, beset with high food prices, has just decided to sell a large chunk of arable land to foreign investors. Could Islamabad be any more foolish?

Torture's Rendition

The interrogator who located al-Zarqawi argues that torturing terror prisoners is the wrong approach. The fact we haven’t found bin Laden shows harsh interrogation techniques have failed.