July-Aug 2008

The Realist

Dollars & Sense

Pundits across the political spectrum have been busy making pronouncements about the “real” financial and political costs of the war in Iraq. Most of them are just blowing smoke. In TNI’s Realist, Grover Norquist and Dov Zakheim separate fact from

Grover G. NorquistDov S. Zakheim

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Reviews and Essays

Cell Phones in the Hindu Kush

Al-Qaeda’s resurgent and it’s putting itself back together on the Afghan-Pakistan border. How are U.S. efforts stacking up? A trip to the region.

Bruce HoffmanSeth G. Jones

McCain's Choice

Neoconservatives and realists are battling to set the GOP’s foreign-policy agenda—and the future of American diplomacy hangs in the balance.

Derek CholletJames M. Goldgeier

Homo Neoconus

Everyone knows about Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan. But what about their intellectual godfather? A look at the original democracy-promoting liberal defense hawk, JFK and LBJ advisor Walt Rostow.

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

A host of countries are making great economic strides, which means the burgeoning global middle class is demanding an ever-growing piece of the pie. That’s good news, but it’s also causing higher prices for just about everything you could want. Th

Daniel Altman

Feeding Frenzy

Wars for oil? Food fights now seem more likely, because we’re paying the price for not keeping up with rising emerging-market demand. Yet there’s light at the end of the tunnel—increasing supply isn’t an impossible task.

Javier Blas

Pandemic Pandemonium

When someone ten thousand miles away sneezes, you might indeed catch a cold—or something worse. From the millions of unnecessary deaths in the developing world to the new vulnerabilities of the developed nations, why our current approach to stoppi

Josh N. Ruxin

Battle of the (Youth) Bulge

Global demographic explosions are mixing with population busts—and the consequences could be serious. As some countries get older and others younger, will demography be the key to the wars of our century?

Neil HoweRichard Jackson

Geneva 2.0

Both sides of the debate over the Geneva Conventions have it wrong. It’s unrealistic to expect states to follow the outdated agreement to the letter. Yet America would also benefit from a code of conduct followed by all the relevant actors—even te

Charli Carpenter

Homeward Bound?

It’s time to rein in America’s crusading zeal and move toward a policy of restraint. We’re suffering from a bad case of foreign-policy overextension, and the only cure is taking a step back to reexamine our global role.

Ivan Eland

Rogue Operators

Think that state sponsors of terror are pulling all the strings? Think again. Countries like Iran and Syria may play a big role in the terrorism underworld, but they’re quickly losing control over rogues that bite the hands that once fed them.

Daniel Byman

Saved by NATO?

Admitting Georgia to the NATO club wouldn't have prevented the recent crisis in the region, and could have even made it worse.

Paul J. Saunders