Spring 2006

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Reviews and Essays

The Struggle for Democracy

The promotion of democracy is the centerpiece of Bush's foreign policy, but the president has yet to define democracy.

Irving Louis Horowitz

Clinging to Faith

From the wreckage of communism's legacy, the ideology rises again.

Paul Hollander

A Profile in Defiance

Ahmadinejad came of age in the aftermath of the Iran-Iraq War. He sees little benevolence in the West’s interventions and conflict is inevitable.

Ray Takeyh

A Fragile Consensus

Unlike the Iraq War, the Iranian nuclear crisis will not convulse transatlantic relations--for the time being.

Bruno Tertrais

Contemplating the Ifs

There's no Hollywood solution to dealing with Iran--just a bunch of bad options.

W. Patrick LangLarry C. Johnson

Conflict Conundrums

For the United States, mediating territorial crises must involve geopolitical juggling.

Tim Potier

The Osirak Fallacy

If a strike on Osirak failed to turn back the clock on Saddam's nuclear program, why would one work for Iran?

Richard K. Betts

The Culture Club

Not all cultures are equally conducive to progress.

Lawrence E. Harrison

Ahead of the Curve: Countdown for Kosovo

United Nations special envoy Marrtti Ahtisaari introduced his plan for Kosovo to Serbian and Kosovar leaders over the weekend. In the Spring 2006 issue of The National Interest Tim Potier addressed how Washington should approach the delic

Tim Potier