Mar-Apr 2008

The Realist

Bismarck for President

In an election year, it's easy to find cheerleaders—but America needs chess players in order to succeed.

Dimitri K. SimesPaul J. Saunders

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Reviews and Essays

Comments & Responses

Daniel W. Drezner and Megan McArdle respond to David Frum’s take on the blogosphere. James Joyner and James G. Poulos look at whether NATO insiders have their predictions of the alliance’s demise right.

Daniel W. DreznerMegan McArdleJames JoynerJames G. Poulos

Do No Harm

Sometimes our procedures do more harm than good. Pakistan may heal best on its own.

Anatol Lieven

Arm Wrestling

As Russia and the United States break the armistice, will China play referee?

Richard Weitz

Pax Corleone

How to make our adversaries and allies offers they can’t refuse. As threats to U.S. dominance emerge, Washington is looking for a way to counter them. Neocons, liberals and realists all have their own ideas about that. Who will win out?

John C. HulsmanA. Wess Mitchell

Symposium: Great Powers in Wonderland

Whither American hegemony? A glimpse of the multipolar world to come.

Harry HardingAli AnsariNikolas K. GvosdevDavid ShambaughDeepa OllapallyRichard J. SamuelsRiordan RoettEvelyn GohHanns W. MaullHenry R. Nau

Do Not Resuscitate

Try as we might to revive states like Somalia and Sudan, it is time to just let them rest in peace.

J. Peter Pham

Staying Alive

Is a state by any other name still a state? Nations’ risky operations to maintain de facto status.

Ted Galen Carpenter

Patient Stabilized?

Iraq may be emerging from intensive care, but it could use a bit more stitching up.

Stephen Biddle

Total Recall

What do the Olympics, airplanes and toys have in common? How China can reverse course, and save lives. . . .

Dali L. Yang