Spring 2003

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Reviews and Essays

The Death of Conquest

We don't "do" conquest anymore--but the new anti-conquest norm has had several unforeseen consequences. Some are proving very worrisome.

Anna Simons

Imperial Temptations

The U.S. military budget is greater than those of the next 14 countries combined. Yet Americans face a greater risk of terrorist attack than ever before. This situation fosters a sense of vulnerability that makes Americans hyperalert and predispos

Jack Snyder


David Rieff's frustrations show in his effort to make sense of post-Cold War humanitarianism.

Alan J. Kuperman

Continental Divides

It took awhile--more than a dozen years, in point of fact--but the natural tendency in international politics for states to balance against the power of a hegemon has emerged. In western Europe, of all places.

Josef Joffe

Taba Mythchief

The "near miss" at Taba is being widely promoted as the natural starting point for future Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy. The only problem, is there was no "near miss."

David Makovsky

EuroIslam: The Jihad Within?

Islam in Europe is being transformed from diaspora to "universal" forms. The latter portend a rise of radicalism and terrorism within the EU.

Olivier Roy

Out of Bali: Cybercaliphate Rising

The rise of religious fundamentalism in Southeast Asia contradicts longstanding appraisals of Southeast Asian Islam and Western theories of modernization.

David Martin Jones

An Empire, If You Can Keep It

An empire is functionally distinct from a mere great power. If the United States adopts an imperial vocation, it will need to learn new ways to manage its national security challenges.

Stephen Rosen

Burying Nikita

William Taubman's biography of Chairman Khrushchev combines original research and good sense to produce the best last word so far on the late Soviet leader.

Australian for Alliance

A haze of friendship obscures the real foundation of the U.S.-Australian alliance, a foundation under stress since September 11, 2001. Best to take notice before the haze lifts.

Paul Kelly